Moroccan Love

Now, as I'm completely obsessed with trying new potions and lotions out, bargains ALWAYS catch my eye! I thought I'd start a small short series consisting of me putting 3 new products I've just purchased on a trial to see if any difference to my hair is made. Welcome, welcome, the Moroccan Argon Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Oil. This set of loveliness is said to make the hair more hydrated and shiny, whilst also fixing damaged hair, sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well Avon you're now really going to be put to the test, starting tomorrow I'm going to do a trial literally only using these products as what they are marketed for, to shampoo, condition and put oil through my hair, although I'm going to carry on with my current hair routine regarding heat etc as normal and see if they do the things on the label. 

Here is my long locks currently! So lets see if 1. I get a shine increase and 2. Damage is repaired. 

I'll update you again Thursday 30th August and also post another picture of my hair. Let me know what hair products you're using at the moment! Are they doing what they should on the tin? 

Lots of love...
Al xoxo

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