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So I've been ever so aggravated this week, when I just felt I was getting well on my way with successfully managing to put up posts that people (hopefully) want to read.... I LOST MY CAMERA. I know, I'm an absolute fail at the moment for doing that, I should maybe blame it on the messy bedroom and this should give me a kick up the bottom to tidy it. I've ripped my room apart trying to find it and I just can't find it anywhere! So instead of leaving my beloved blog alone any longer, I thought I'd do a blog post on my career prospects, that doesn't need any fancy photos of yummy products and as I thought that some of you would be around the same age range!

Since I was younger, the prospect of university has excited me. Having a career and being independent is something that has interested me for a long time and now the time to knuckle down and pop out the grades I need is on top of me.I'm currently at my local sixthform college, studying English Literature, History and Communication and Culture after successfully completely an A-Level in English Language. Taking a little bit of background work into consideration, History is a subject I enjoy so I'm studying that for something pleasurable although my other subjects are something that I know I need to take me on the University undergraduate courses I'd prefer. 

Now I can't lie and say I've always been dead set on what career I would like to take from day one, but recently I've been doing a lot of soul searching and finally found something I think I will enjoy and that will take me into an exhilarating and demanding career. From nursing to a career in the RAF I've definitely considered all of my options, which is why I now understand that what I have chosen is worth getting the £9000 year debt and God knows what else! 

Now through all the boring stuff, the actual course and career I wish to get into is English Language/Linguistics/Media to take me into Journalism or future in communication/speech... I know that is a bit of a mix of subjects and careers I wish to enrol onto although I am trying to be as realistic as possible. I completely understand the world of Journalism is a hard cookie to crack which is why I am giving myself somewhat of a "fall back" career choice... Communication/speech therapy. I have considered many courses, trawling through internet websites for each university I wish to apply for and have finally narrowed it down to three! 

My first choice of University and the course I hope I get most (fingers crossed) is York St. Johns to study Language & Linguistics 

This course will enable me to both go into the Journalism route and  the Communcation/Speech therapy route which is an all around diamond really also York is not far away from where I live (East Yorkshire) and I'm quite familiar with the area. The requirements for this course is only 220-260 UCAS points which is rather reasonable and doesn't put too much pressure on me since I have estimated I could within reason achieve 320!

My second choice of University is Liverpool Hope University to study English Language 

Again this enables me to take both routes and although is not my first choice Liverpool as a city does hold some exciting prospects. The history of this course also shows Graduates from Liverpool Hope have gone onto a career in the Media, Journalism and Publishing which sounds quite promising. Being a little bit more demanding this course requires 300 UCAS points, although still quite achievable I really would prefer YSJ!

Lastly is my choice of London South Bank to study English and Media Studies

I think my choice of London maybe daunts me because it is so far away from home although studying in London (THE CAPITAL!!!!) really excites me and to take me into Journalism is probably a really good choice. Again the requirements for this course are very reasonable and I only need 240 UCAS points which is more than achievable!

So there you have it, my career prospects and University choices in quite a rambly post! I hope it somewhat entertained you or has given you something to get your teeth into whilst I've miss placed my camera and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly hair post!

(Also please keep your eye out on my YouTube channel here I'm soon to be uploading again soon!)

Lots of love...
Al xoxo

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