Miss Shopaholic, Miss Splurge, Miss... Dior ❤

Since I was younger I've always felt Dior products are something of a luxury. I feel like the connotations of the noun Dior just ooze class and sophistication, mainly down to my mum indulging in the brand. Now I'm eighteen I feel its only right I follow in her footsteps and begin to indulge in Dior products myself, which began on my holiday to Spain. 
Duty free to me is something of a dream, it sits there ready to attack any beauty junkie coming through security and really who wouldn't love high end products with a fraction of the price deducted? And this is exactly how my Dior journey began. I vowed to myself that on the way to Spain I would not purchase anything from the airport because I was going with friends and I know myself sometimes I'm some what of a scatter cash! That being said, I did get myself some little treats from WHSmith, some scrumptious food and some alcohol to kick start the journey!

On the way back was a totally different story! I almost ran to the duty free in Alicante airport and at one point I had 4 products worth a ridiculous amount of euros stacked in my arms! Reasonably,  I realised that I did not need all of the products I was wanting to purchase and a little bit o' nice would do just fine and this is where Dior strutted into the picture. 

Ladies, Gentlemen meet the Miss Dior Scent Collection! This box of joy contains four 5ml fragrances all tucked neat inside ready to be generously used to make the body smell a million dollars (or pounds)! 

Personal 'faves' include Miss Dior eau de parfum & Miss Dior blooming bouqet, and I must say both 'parfums' are blooming marvellous! 

So there you have it my first Dior product or products should I say! What products do you all find a luxury item or brand? Let me know!

Lots of love...
Al xoxo

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