Tan, Glorious Tan!

With summer (what we have of it in the UK) quickly departing, its time to maintain your holiday glow and whip out your fake tan right?! I understand sometimes fake tan can be a little bit of a chore to some of us, me included, until I got my fake tan routine down-to-a-tee. I've tried expensive, I've tried cheap, I've tried spray, I've tried lotions, I've tried gradual, I've tried instant and now finally I've come onto a mousse product. Welcome, welcome, the fair lady herself... St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse. I know right now you'll all be thinking oh god Alex, tell us something we don't know, I know most beauty bloggers and vloggers enjoy St. Moriz, although at first I did not.

I feel with applying fake tan its not only about how your application goes, its also about your preparation too. When I got my first bottle of St. Moriz tan I was around 16, not having a clue about what miss-happenings can occur with fake tan in the wrong possession, I slapped it on, using my hands! YES, that's what I said I used my hands! And woke up the next day looking... well lets say just looking plain horrendous, ask anyone... Its not hard to imagine I'm sure. Furthermore I popped the fake tan to the back of my draw and began to embrace my pale skin.

I now have introduced myself to a 4-step-fake tanning routine and truthfully the whole process feels luxurious and really makes me feel pampered.

1. I take a nice long soak in the bath (you could have a quick shower too) and began to cleanse my skin, for this I use a, well erm, I don't know what to call it, a puffy thing (refer to pictures you'll get my gist) and at the moment use Nivea Diamond Touch Shower Cream Oil, this in its self is very moisturising and the puffy thing is lightly exfoliant so it works well. 

2. Next I take any kind of scrub to remove invisible dead skin from my arms, legs, elbows, knees etc, momentarily I'm using a mango sugar scrub which is a bit harsh but does the job just fine. I'm very generous with my sugar scrubbing and apply plenty with my hands. 
3. I finish my jobs in the bath and get out and now moisturising comes into the equation. I feel moisturising in a tanning routine is about the same importance as applying your favourite fake tan! If it isn't used you wont get the best results! Period. Again at the moment I'm enjoying the Garnier Body Intensive Seven Days Nourishing Lotion and the best part is, its yummy cocoa butter and I generously apply all over especially on knees and elbows. 

4. Now, well now its time for the tan! Please, please do not make the same mistake as I did and please purchase a tanning mit! (you can get them from savers) As I said a true loyal favourite is St. Moriz but others on the market are just as good, if not better. For £2.99 I feel this tan is a true bargain and too hard to miss for the flawless application I receive. So yes, I get my tanning mit and pump the tan and begin! I tan my whole body and the application can take around 20 minutes. 

Andddddd... this is the result I achieve, a nice, glowy, natural looking tan. 

I definitely do recommend this tan guys, its a real bargain and an overall gem! Let me know what tans you've tried out and how its worked for you!

Happy fake tanning!

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


  1. You just can't beat being bronzed!!!

    I honestly couldn't leave the door without it, I think I'm officially a tanorexic !!!

    Lovely blog hun :)


  2. For a night out I think the perfect tan is ideal! I don't think I'd leave the house on a nightout without my tan on so i completely agree!
    thank you very much! x