Je n'aime pas

So today I'm coming to you with something a little out of the ordinary - a product I dislike - 'Clinique take the day off cleansing milk.' I had high hopes for this little lady due my excellent experiences with its sister, more of an oily substance which was the eye and lip make-up remover, but I'm always up for trying something new and wanted more of an all over make-up remover, rather then something specific.
Basically, I felt nothing more than utterly disappointed with the results I got from this product.

Firstly; I will admit myself, I do apply a lot of make-up everywhere including eyes, lips and face make-up and the first problem was that this product just could not budge it at all! I could scrub at my face make-up with a cotton pad and when I took a fresh one over again with a little more remover I still found traces of black and orange all over it. 
Secondly; the utter pain and stinging I got in my eyes when I tried to remove my mascara and eye liner (que gruesome pictures), it was literally unbearable and I had to use an extra cotton pad ready to catch all the tears that would flow from my eyes! 
Thirdly; kinda goes in conjunction with the first and how it wouldn't rid of my make-up, the amount of product I went through. I may have used this product around 5 times and you can see from the pictures (soon to be added), I have gotten through quite a lot of it, again just not acceptable. 

For almost £20.00 - it was just not good enough!

I always like to give products a fair chance before I decide I really dislike them, which is what I did with this one. So please if you like this product don't take my opinion literal and take it with a pinch of salt, this was my personal experience. Keeping that in mind if you have a certain technique to prevent eye-watering/using so much product then please let me know.
Since this awful experience I have moved on to something much more cheap and cheerful; a pack of baby wipes from the corner shop for £1.00 and they're actually better at removing my make-up and less painful! 
Thank you for reading guys! :-)

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Lots of love...
Al xoxo


  1. I hate it when you pay out for something and it turns out to be rubbish! at least you know now :)


  2. Yeah its definitely one of them things that is annoying! And yep I do which is a good thing, think I'll stick to my cheap wipes! :-)