You Dainty Thing!

In all honesty, I love some of the jewellery and fashion trends that are currently on the high street and one of the main ones I'm completely smitten with, is the style of dainty pieces of jewellery; mainly necklaces and bracelets. So browsing good old Primark today I came across a little section of dainty necklaces and was  little gutted when I noticed they were only letters, (never been a fan of a huge A plastered across my decolette) after having a little route I stumbled on a tiny little cross waiting for me to take it home and for a mere £1.50, that's exactly what I did. Continuing my browse of the cramped little jewellery section I then came across another dainty little bow on a rope chain again for a minuscule 50 pence! Amazing!

I love where theslittle steals hang on my chest and they are such a bargain! Let me know what jewellery and fashion picks you're falling for. 
Thank you for reading!
Lots of love...
Al xoxo

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