Autumn Fashion Wishlist

There is nothing I love more regards to fashion than the Autumn colours; dark reds, navy's, beiges, browns! I just adore this current season for fashion as a whole especially the studs, spikes and aztecs, which results in me having a huge wishlist that I want to purchase and a very low cash flow - as usual. Instead of dwelling alone over the fact I'll probably not get half of this stuff in time for the season, I thought I'd compile a little wishlist post together for you all, that way we can all dwell on it together! 

Again like my last post I've numbered them accordingly so I can navigate you (and myself) easier, clearly this isn't my whole wishlist, if I got onto that we definitely would be here all day, but no, this is just a few cheap-y things that I'm hopefully going to be getting my hands on in the next month or so. 

1. Aztec Hooded Parka Coat (Newlook) - This is something I definitely am getting in the next week or so (courtesy of the mother) I really love this little number and I have had my eye on it for a few days so yes, it is going to be taking front stage in the show - "Alex's winter coat."

2. Collar Tip Shirt (Topshop) - Admittedly I've only just noticed this, I adore it though especially with some wet look leggings for a night in the next month-ish definitely making itself onto my wishlist, just hopefully I can make this one reality too!

3. Burgundy Peplum Top (Newlook) - Ah the rise of the peplum! This could not be more on trend as far as I can see and I'm hoping I can pull this one off for a mere £8.99. Again, Newlook comes up with a smashing item of clothing and as usual they will rob me blind the minute I get in there.  And again, being the "party animal" I am right now this will also look faaaaabulous for a night out with a high waisted skirt - love it. 

4. Sunscorched Ziphood (Superdry) - Weird name? I know! I'd just call it an aztec hoodie if I was superdry, ha. Anyway this is a little out of the ordinary for me, 'cos I'm not usually into the whole hoodies senario although I love purple, I love aztec and I love warmth making this one another hit on the list! Although the £60 price tag, for a bargain hunter like me, kinda puts me off. 

5. Studded White Loafer (Newlook) - Last but not least, these... Newlook you are definitely on point with me! I adore these as much everything else on this list (if not a tiny bit more)! These are adorable, studded and right up my street, the only thing that puts me off is the white, could they get a little too dirty? Nah! They're still worth it. Get 'ere! 

And again there you have it - another rambly post from good ol' me! I'm honestly adoring this blogging lark and I really enjoy compiling and preparing posts for the little amount of loyal followers I have. I'm definitely not going anywhere soon, thank you so much for reading!

Al x 

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