DIY: Cutting & Stuff!

So I was bored today looking through my wardrobe and I came across this denim shirt which I hardly ever wear due to the arms being a bit tight! All of a sudden I had a creative drive and I started getting the things together to cut it and this is what I came up with; a sleeveless shirt! I know its not much but for me its quite a step considering I usually steer away from any re-vamping and usually just bin it, if it doesn't fit. 

Basically all I needed was this - 
Some scissors, a pen and a huge comb for a straight edge! 

And then I just started chopping away until I came up with something I was happy :-) Styling it with a simple aztec dress/long tee and a dainty necklace! Also sporting my favourite top knot hair do'.  

Thank you for reading! 
Al x

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