Fit Me & Match Perfection

I've been looking for a new foundation and powder for a while now, mainly due to the fact I'd started using my "fake tan foundation" on an everyday basis, not wanting to run out of my beloved Estee Lauder and just not feeling like my other foundations gave me enough coverage for my day-to-day look! I thought I'd have a whip to ASDA and see what they had in this morning and luckily enough I went just at the right time and found the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder, both for only £8.98! Bargain!

I thought I'd just do a quick first impressions on both products just incase any of you wanted to snap up this offer or give either of them a go; 
Rimmel Match Perfection (True Ivory 103) (£4.98) RRP 8.99 - I've had a quite a few foundations from Rimmel, usually finding them quite reasonably priced and good quality, meaning you can't really go wrong and this one follows right on from that. It applies really smoothly and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin although gives a lovely coverage, perfecting my uneven skin tone and blemishes. I do really like this foundation on a first application basis and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't break me out! 

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder Compact (Nude Beige 125) (£4.00) - Again I do enjoy products from Maybelline including their BB cream so I also had high hopes for this powder relying it would do what it says on the tin. I usually expect a powder to keep my foundation in place and also give me some light coverage; exactly what this did. It lightly matte-fied my skin also, although still allowed some natural glow in some places making it look really natural and again not too heavy or cakey. 

Overall I'm quite pleased with these products I've got especially since they are so cheap and cheerful! I may do a foundation routine with either of them once I have got my use out of them or a full review. Let me know if you have either of them and the best ways to apply them. 

Lots of love

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