Mexican Goodies

This post is rather random, although if you have a wander to my 'about' section, then you will see I said I would more or less post about everything and anything! The sheer reason of this post is 1. To express my gratefulness to my lovely elder brother for getting me these little keep sakes and 2. To tell you all how jealous I am of his 10 day break to Mexico, where he got to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world, quad bike through the jungle and go snorkling in the Caribbean sea! Oh yes, I bet you're jealous too! And that's without seeing his almost professional looking photography of it all. 

Anyway, now I've finally vented or rather bragged about my brothers heavenly holiday, it's about time I got onto the subject at hand... The little trinket, ornate like presents he brought me home. I think my brother knows me well and knows a simple bracelet and make-up bag would take a place over loads of perfume and make-up (debatable anyway)! I love these little presents and the sheer detail on both in which the camera and lighting haven't really done any justice, but all in all I am more than thankful of my little bits and I thought I'd share them as a little piece of girly-ness!

Thank you for reading this unorganised, rambley, some what pointless post but never the less its still a thank you! I really am enjoying this blogging lark and I'm also really excited on being able to launch 'street style' in this up and coming fortnight. 

Lots of love always,
Al x 

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