September Favourites

I thought I'd keep this September fave's short and sweet because if I'm honest I've not actually got any more than I'm posting about! These are just a few things I've repeatedly used throughout the month and probably will do throughout this month to come! So here goes...

1. L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Hair Conditioner/Treatment - This is a little bit of a "filler" you could say for this post because I sort of needed something else so it didn't look half hearted - because it certainly isn't! All in all this product is really nice and makes my hair very soft and shiny, although I feel in conjunction with other products it sometimes makes my hair a little greasy which obviously isn't ideal. I do really like this product and it is very "conditioning" so to speak, therefore squeezing itself into my favourites. 

2. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Moisturiser - I know I kinda bashed Clinique in one of my previous posts here and you might be thinking err... What the hell girl? But I also did say I did enjoy a lot of their products, such as this one. This moisturiser is brilliant for acne prone/oily skin and does combat some of my oil as it is more of a gel based moisturiser. I definitely have got my use out of this sample size and I definitely will purchase the full size when I have the $$$.

3. St.Moriz Fake Tanning Mousse - Oh St.Moriz my saviour for nights out! I honestly love this darling, I think if I had to choose one staple product for a night out on the town it would be this. I've gone through endless amounts of bottles but for the price I couldn't care less. It honestly is amazing when applied correctly, go get it girlfriend! 

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hr Foundation -I will admit before anyone this foundation is a little to dark for me! But this is what impresses me, it is so blendable and easy to work with I just can't let it go. I use this foundation almost everyday and mix it in with a little moisturiser and for nights out I'll just put it straight on as it matches my tanned skin perfectly. This foundation is very flawless, easy to blend and cheap - Perfecto...

5. Kerastase Shampoo - One of the main things I love about this foundation is it lasts forever because you only need a tiny bit! I've had this shampoo for around 3 months now and yes, I admit I am just getting to the bottom of it but 3 months! How amazing is that? The only thing I dislike about this product is the availability and the price tag, apart from that with shiny locks and (what feels like) tonnes of product, this has gotta be another long lasting fave. 

And... there we have it, short and snappy September Favourites! Thanks for reading guys...
Al x 

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