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I feel in a way I can go from saying something one day in a post to saying something that is the complete opposite in the other... Which is what I'm kind of doing in this one, contradicting myself I know but being that of an indecisive female I think I have the right and I'm sure most of you will have the same nature and I'm also hoping my change of mind regularly is welcome! 
Anyway now that little justification is out of the way, I've mainly contradicted myself over saying I was stuck in a rut with my make-up.. I really was and I really enjoyed that little routine I had got myself into, although I hated the thought of all my fabulous make-up I have collected going to waste which resulted in this little re-vamp and my shopping the hell out of my collection. 
I found some little gems that I'd been neglecting for way too long that I had previously spent my hard earned pennies on from my working days, so you know what, I've now began to use them up and get the pleasure out of them I once used to! Why not eh?
Again I've introduced my little numbering system (aren't I predictable) so here we go!

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette - First and foremost is this little darling which I really have neglected for too long now (only a month, shh) so I thought it would be time to bring it back out and hammer it again. I'll probably cry when it finally runs out.

2. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush -This is a really pretty shimmery pink colour, great for bringing life into your face and mainly for nights out, making this certainly another happy quick-pick.

3. M.A.C Satin Lipstick (Myth) - I have honestly got my used out of this so much before and although everyone else is sporting the dark reds (which I love!) I thought I'd introduce a little nude back into everyday make-up musings. 

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original) - This is just a little miniature which I've never really used properly so I thought I'd give it a chance and give it a little go see if it makes any difference with my eye-shadow longevity or colour. 

5. Benefit 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer - Again another little miniature, its sometimes nice to give the small ones a chance to see if I'll ever purchase the full size (Christmas is just around the corner).

I'm really happy with the little things I've chosen it really feels I might have been shopping or something because I haven't used these things in quite a while, using them this morning made me feel quite exctied, showing I'm a true make-up addict. I hope you enjoyed this and it encourages you to instead of go spend more money just see what you already have or give a product a second chance!

Lots of love

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