Street Style #1

I'm currently on my own little journey of trying to get into Journalism and to provide myself with published work, I enrolled onto my colleges magazine enrichment called 'Vox.' With 'Vox' I have successfully launched Street Style; This little project first and for most sees me going round college staring at people not only begging them to let me have a picture of their fabulous outfits, but let me be a little nosey and also get them to answer a few questions on their fashion know hows educating me (and you maybe!) on different types of fashion and style and where we can get it. Instead of just having this in the college magazine I thought I would bring Street Style to my blog as they are both now absolutely cherished works of mine; so Blogging world welcome to the fashion of Hull, my college & friends! 

In the first edition I was a little unsure on camera angles etc so please bear with me if you feel it is not quite upto scratch yet, I also wanted to concentrate on autumnal colours so I hope you enjoy guys. Next time the introduction won't be as long but let me know what you think! <3


T-shirt - Primark,  Skirt - MissSelfridges, Shoes - George, Jacket - Joules
Earrings - Topshop, Bag - Newlook  

Huge thank you to my gorgeous friend, Helena!

Hope you all enjoyed this, different views on fashion and styles.

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