As an unwritten rule I've noticed I don't tend to write many blog posts with regards to hair care and products; this is mainly because up until the weekend just gone (when my hair needed some serious TLC) I haven't really ever had any problems or issues with how my hair is, lucky me I guess? As I said up until this weekend that was, yet again being the eighteen-year-old student I am I gracefully hit the town, curling my hair with my GHD's prior and feeling a million dollars with my new do'. That was until the next day or so. I woke up and I have never felt my hair feel so awful and stringy, which made me very panic stricken (I love my hair!) and I immediately began searching my bathroom for something to saviour it, where this Avon product came in to the mix. 

I've used quite a few Avon hair care items always finding them to be quite nice and not really offending anyone, although not doing anything amazing either, just... Nice. This, however, is a completely different story, it made my hair feel like silk even when it was wet, I really have never used anything like it. I just followed the directions on the back; slapping a generous amount of it on with my hands all over my head, leaving it for three minutes then proceeding to wash off and viola! It did ultimate wonders, I am definitely going to be repurchasing this I can promise you already! Wonderful. 
Have you found any break-through products lately for hair, skin or make-up? Let me know!


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