Remember, Remember

Bonfire night has always been a little hit & miss for me; when I was younger I remember my parents always having a small family and close friends get together, fireworks, sparklers, jacket potatoes galore and peering at the huge bonfire and writing my name with fire in the air with my hat, scarf and gloves on in my own back garden was wonderful, but the family get together's ended and it was time for me to have to find my own musings on bonfire night which meant standing for hours in the freezing cold to see a ten minute display and have a crusty burger, I just wasn't feeling it! ... So, usually, since then I've always stayed away from going outdoors and having plans and just looked out of my bedroom window at the bursts of colour, until this year.

After trudging through the muddy fields in the freezing cold with my family, we finally found where we were meant to be heading and yet again I was blessed with the same old ten minute display and crusty burger, although I have to admit the display was fantastic and I saw one of the biggest bonfires ever, so I decided to take some cheeky snaps and I thought I'd share them with you all! I especially love how the picture of the bonfire turned out, it looks amazing and the peoples heads just in front, I feel give a really warm and professional effect. 

Finally after hours we got home and not all was too bad as I was cooked a lovely dessert to finish the night; cherry lattice and pouring cream... Yum, yum! 

Anyway that is it for my little lifestyle post today, I hope you enjoyed it and like the pictures! Let me know what you did for tonight? ... 


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