My First Stila Steal!

Hey girls!
Todays post is a rave review on the ultimately loved 'Stila: in the light' neutral eye shadow palette which has quickly become an everyday staple for me! So if you know me, you will know I love a good neutral eye shadow palette, from the Naked palette to MUA's heaven & earth palette, if its neutral, and I've got it - I love it!
I've lusted over this palette for so, so long and finally I have my teeny hands on it with a huge thanks to my mum, who treat me to it. Its got ten amazing shades, which will give you an everyday look, to a sultry smoky eye, all with fantastic pigmentation! Like that isn't enough Stila also have thrown in one of their "Smudge Sticks" in Damsel for good measure! The eye-liner is a gorgeous dark-brown colour, complimenting each look I've created with this gem, perfectly.
I literally have nothing holding me back in purchasing this again once it runs out which I really hope isn't very soon, I think its a lovely palette, blowing the Naked palettes out of the water and any other neutral novice I've tried.
On a side note, although I'd buy it for almost any price it retails at due to its high quality, its only £25.00, and due to their Smudge Sticks retailing for £13.00, each shadow works out at a mere £1.20 each- WOW.
Thank you for reading guys, let me know what your favourite netural palette is and if you've tried this Stila steal! I personally think its amazing and could go on about it all day.
Thank you for reading, please comment & follow & just give me feedback in general, have a great day or night.
With love, Alex.

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