Perfect Beginners MAC Quad

I do apologise for another eye-shadow post! Although I have been loving neutral looks lately, from all brands so they will be plenty more shadow posts to come. Next in line is my first MAC quad, which I personally, think is fantastic for beginners. I initially only went to MAC for a look and ended up walking out with a fair few treats, but more of that later! I feel that this pretty palette is a great neutral palette offering plenty of looks; the first colour I chose was Naked Lunch (top right) which looks lovely swished over the lid, complimented with other shades and even on its own! Next I wanted a nice brown to slightly deepen the crease which is where Wedge came into the picture (bottom left). I also thought that a slight autumnal pop of colour under the eye wouldn't go a miss, which led me to purchasing Antiqued (bottom right) complimenting blue eyes especially nicely. Last is just a palette filler really and its Cork (top left) again adding some depth to looks and a lovely colour for blending out!
So there we have it, my first MAC quad. I really hope to treat myself to some more MAC shadows some time soon, although I do feel that this is enough for now!
What are your favourite MAC shades?
Thanks for reading.
Love, Alex

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