About AlsBeautyBox

My names Alexandra, or Alex, or evidently Al. I'm an 18-year-old student from East Yorkshire studying my A-levels in English Literature, Communication & Culture and Medieval History in which I hope to take me into the career choice of Journalism or something to do with Language and Linguistics which is why I'm running this joint! On the side of my endless amounts of coursework and rigorous note taking I enjoy delving into the world of make-up, hair and fashion letting it take me into a whole different universe and get carried away with hoarding, collecting and reviewing favourites. My mindless ramblings about anything and everything beauty related from a beauty junkie and self-diagnosed shoppaholic is going to be found on this blog, although a few lifestyle posts will be thrown in as well, why not? 
If you wish to contact you can do so through e-mail I'll reply to any e-mails or means of contact as soon as possible. 
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