Perfect Beginners MAC Quad

I do apologise for another eye-shadow post! Although I have been loving neutral looks lately, from all brands so they will be plenty more shadow posts to come. Next in line is my first MAC quad, which I personally, think is fantastic for beginners. I initially only went to MAC for a look and ended up walking out with a fair few treats, but more of that later! I feel that this pretty palette is a great neutral palette offering plenty of looks; the first colour I chose was Naked Lunch (top right) which looks lovely swished over the lid, complimented with other shades and even on its own! Next I wanted a nice brown to slightly deepen the crease which is where Wedge came into the picture (bottom left). I also thought that a slight autumnal pop of colour under the eye wouldn't go a miss, which led me to purchasing Antiqued (bottom right) complimenting blue eyes especially nicely. Last is just a palette filler really and its Cork (top left) again adding some depth to looks and a lovely colour for blending out!
So there we have it, my first MAC quad. I really hope to treat myself to some more MAC shadows some time soon, although I do feel that this is enough for now!
What are your favourite MAC shades?
Thanks for reading.
Love, Alex


Refill Your Perfume?!

I think we're all in agreement, that when we run out of a perfume, throwing the sleek and shiny, glass bottle away is painful! But the question I put to you... What if you could fill your bottle back up with the same delightful scent? I've found the key! Browsing 'The Perfume Shop' I was searching for a new fragrance to spice up my (..vast) collection, but the expensive prices were upsetting my system. I've been lusting over Thierry Mugler's 'Alien' for months, after already acquiring 'Angel' from my brother last year and loving it, I've always wanted to add its sister to my stash, the only problem in my way; the £49.50 price tag. Until now. I noticed there, a smaller, baby bottle, which I must admit is very cute. Being only 15ml and only £26.50 I really could not resist, the even better part, the bottle can be kept forever and its only £17 to refill! Fantastic.
I really could not help but share this little find with you, because I'm not sure that all Alien stockists over this service. So next time you're thinking of treating yourself to a new smell, definitely head into your local 'Perfume Shop' and pop one into your bag, you won't regret it.
Thank you for reading!
Love Alexxxxx


My First Stila Steal!

Hey girls!
Todays post is a rave review on the ultimately loved 'Stila: in the light' neutral eye shadow palette which has quickly become an everyday staple for me! So if you know me, you will know I love a good neutral eye shadow palette, from the Naked palette to MUA's heaven & earth palette, if its neutral, and I've got it - I love it!
I've lusted over this palette for so, so long and finally I have my teeny hands on it with a huge thanks to my mum, who treat me to it. Its got ten amazing shades, which will give you an everyday look, to a sultry smoky eye, all with fantastic pigmentation! Like that isn't enough Stila also have thrown in one of their "Smudge Sticks" in Damsel for good measure! The eye-liner is a gorgeous dark-brown colour, complimenting each look I've created with this gem, perfectly.
I literally have nothing holding me back in purchasing this again once it runs out which I really hope isn't very soon, I think its a lovely palette, blowing the Naked palettes out of the water and any other neutral novice I've tried.
On a side note, although I'd buy it for almost any price it retails at due to its high quality, its only £25.00, and due to their Smudge Sticks retailing for £13.00, each shadow works out at a mere £1.20 each- WOW.
Thank you for reading guys, let me know what your favourite netural palette is and if you've tried this Stila steal! I personally think its amazing and could go on about it all day.
Thank you for reading, please comment & follow & just give me feedback in general, have a great day or night.
With love, Alex.


Highstreet/Drugstore Beauty Bargains! MUA/Seventeen/Collection etc!

I'm a terrible blogger, I know! I could go on at you with hundreds of reasons as to why I haven't posted in so long, but that's a waste of your time (and mine) because I don't know, I'm just terrible.
I thought I'd just launch myself back in at the deep-end and come back to you all with a trusty haul, because I know how much we all love them!
Now if you know me personally, which a couple of you may, you know I am in fact a make-up junkie/whore/addict... Whichever way you want to put it! And when buy one, get one half price is put in front of me the only way I know how to react is by running to my nearest Boots! And then before I know it, I'm sliding my bank card into the chip and pin and away I go, bag in hand, full of new beauty treats I think I deserve. The past couple of days, have been them days:
Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Under Eye Concealer
Beauty UK High Brows Palette
Collection Extreme 24HR Felt-tip Liner
MUA Blushers (Bubble Gum & Marshmallow)
Collection Cream Puff Moisturising Cream (Fairy Cake)
Nivea Daily Essentials BB Cream (Light)
Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Wash & Mask
If you would like an in-depth review on any of these products, please don't hesitate to ask! I already have a few posts up my sleeve on a couple of products out of this haul that I'm preparing, 'cos they're just that great! Also don't forget to hit "follow" or whatever you guys have got to do these days to have my posts directed straight to your dashboard! I hope you enjoyed it & thank you so much for reading.
Love from Alex.




Dress; Borrowed, Wedges; Newlook, Bag; Primark, Earrings; Select

Naughty me for not doing a post in forever, life really took over and I may have been a little too lazy on the whole social media side of my life (sorry about that) but this again is another outfit post of what I wore on my most recent escapade into town! Hope you like it. Let me know what you think? 




As an unwritten rule I've noticed I don't tend to write many blog posts with regards to hair care and products; this is mainly because up until the weekend just gone (when my hair needed some serious TLC) I haven't really ever had any problems or issues with how my hair is, lucky me I guess? As I said up until this weekend that was, yet again being the eighteen-year-old student I am I gracefully hit the town, curling my hair with my GHD's prior and feeling a million dollars with my new do'. That was until the next day or so. I woke up and I have never felt my hair feel so awful and stringy, which made me very panic stricken (I love my hair!) and I immediately began searching my bathroom for something to saviour it, where this Avon product came in to the mix. 

I've used quite a few Avon hair care items always finding them to be quite nice and not really offending anyone, although not doing anything amazing either, just... Nice. This, however, is a completely different story, it made my hair feel like silk even when it was wet, I really have never used anything like it. I just followed the directions on the back; slapping a generous amount of it on with my hands all over my head, leaving it for three minutes then proceeding to wash off and viola! It did ultimate wonders, I am definitely going to be repurchasing this I can promise you already! Wonderful. 
Have you found any break-through products lately for hair, skin or make-up? Let me know!



Colours & Curls

Dress; Newlook, Kimono; Matalan, Bag; Primark, Wedges; Newlook

Again I hit the good old (rubbish really!) night life in Hull and now it seems I cannot go a night out without getting an outfit post together! I kept it quite simple and went all out with the hair and make-up, wearing a daring red lip. 

Again just a quick one! Hope you enjoyed this outfit, let me know what you think?