Tan, Glorious Tan!

With summer (what we have of it in the UK) quickly departing, its time to maintain your holiday glow and whip out your fake tan right?! I understand sometimes fake tan can be a little bit of a chore to some of us, me included, until I got my fake tan routine down-to-a-tee. I've tried expensive, I've tried cheap, I've tried spray, I've tried lotions, I've tried gradual, I've tried instant and now finally I've come onto a mousse product. Welcome, welcome, the fair lady herself... St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse. I know right now you'll all be thinking oh god Alex, tell us something we don't know, I know most beauty bloggers and vloggers enjoy St. Moriz, although at first I did not.

I feel with applying fake tan its not only about how your application goes, its also about your preparation too. When I got my first bottle of St. Moriz tan I was around 16, not having a clue about what miss-happenings can occur with fake tan in the wrong possession, I slapped it on, using my hands! YES, that's what I said I used my hands! And woke up the next day looking... well lets say just looking plain horrendous, ask anyone... Its not hard to imagine I'm sure. Furthermore I popped the fake tan to the back of my draw and began to embrace my pale skin.

I now have introduced myself to a 4-step-fake tanning routine and truthfully the whole process feels luxurious and really makes me feel pampered.

1. I take a nice long soak in the bath (you could have a quick shower too) and began to cleanse my skin, for this I use a, well erm, I don't know what to call it, a puffy thing (refer to pictures you'll get my gist) and at the moment use Nivea Diamond Touch Shower Cream Oil, this in its self is very moisturising and the puffy thing is lightly exfoliant so it works well. 

2. Next I take any kind of scrub to remove invisible dead skin from my arms, legs, elbows, knees etc, momentarily I'm using a mango sugar scrub which is a bit harsh but does the job just fine. I'm very generous with my sugar scrubbing and apply plenty with my hands. 
3. I finish my jobs in the bath and get out and now moisturising comes into the equation. I feel moisturising in a tanning routine is about the same importance as applying your favourite fake tan! If it isn't used you wont get the best results! Period. Again at the moment I'm enjoying the Garnier Body Intensive Seven Days Nourishing Lotion and the best part is, its yummy cocoa butter and I generously apply all over especially on knees and elbows. 

4. Now, well now its time for the tan! Please, please do not make the same mistake as I did and please purchase a tanning mit! (you can get them from savers) As I said a true loyal favourite is St. Moriz but others on the market are just as good, if not better. For £2.99 I feel this tan is a true bargain and too hard to miss for the flawless application I receive. So yes, I get my tanning mit and pump the tan and begin! I tan my whole body and the application can take around 20 minutes. 

Andddddd... this is the result I achieve, a nice, glowy, natural looking tan. 

I definitely do recommend this tan guys, its a real bargain and an overall gem! Let me know what tans you've tried out and how its worked for you!

Happy fake tanning!

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Biggest decision of my life..?!


So I've been ever so aggravated this week, when I just felt I was getting well on my way with successfully managing to put up posts that people (hopefully) want to read.... I LOST MY CAMERA. I know, I'm an absolute fail at the moment for doing that, I should maybe blame it on the messy bedroom and this should give me a kick up the bottom to tidy it. I've ripped my room apart trying to find it and I just can't find it anywhere! So instead of leaving my beloved blog alone any longer, I thought I'd do a blog post on my career prospects, that doesn't need any fancy photos of yummy products and as I thought that some of you would be around the same age range!

Since I was younger, the prospect of university has excited me. Having a career and being independent is something that has interested me for a long time and now the time to knuckle down and pop out the grades I need is on top of me.I'm currently at my local sixthform college, studying English Literature, History and Communication and Culture after successfully completely an A-Level in English Language. Taking a little bit of background work into consideration, History is a subject I enjoy so I'm studying that for something pleasurable although my other subjects are something that I know I need to take me on the University undergraduate courses I'd prefer. 

Now I can't lie and say I've always been dead set on what career I would like to take from day one, but recently I've been doing a lot of soul searching and finally found something I think I will enjoy and that will take me into an exhilarating and demanding career. From nursing to a career in the RAF I've definitely considered all of my options, which is why I now understand that what I have chosen is worth getting the £9000 year debt and God knows what else! 

Now through all the boring stuff, the actual course and career I wish to get into is English Language/Linguistics/Media to take me into Journalism or future in communication/speech... I know that is a bit of a mix of subjects and careers I wish to enrol onto although I am trying to be as realistic as possible. I completely understand the world of Journalism is a hard cookie to crack which is why I am giving myself somewhat of a "fall back" career choice... Communication/speech therapy. I have considered many courses, trawling through internet websites for each university I wish to apply for and have finally narrowed it down to three! 

My first choice of University and the course I hope I get most (fingers crossed) is York St. Johns to study Language & Linguistics 

This course will enable me to both go into the Journalism route and  the Communcation/Speech therapy route which is an all around diamond really also York is not far away from where I live (East Yorkshire) and I'm quite familiar with the area. The requirements for this course is only 220-260 UCAS points which is rather reasonable and doesn't put too much pressure on me since I have estimated I could within reason achieve 320!

My second choice of University is Liverpool Hope University to study English Language 

Again this enables me to take both routes and although is not my first choice Liverpool as a city does hold some exciting prospects. The history of this course also shows Graduates from Liverpool Hope have gone onto a career in the Media, Journalism and Publishing which sounds quite promising. Being a little bit more demanding this course requires 300 UCAS points, although still quite achievable I really would prefer YSJ!

Lastly is my choice of London South Bank to study English and Media Studies

I think my choice of London maybe daunts me because it is so far away from home although studying in London (THE CAPITAL!!!!) really excites me and to take me into Journalism is probably a really good choice. Again the requirements for this course are very reasonable and I only need 240 UCAS points which is more than achievable!

So there you have it, my career prospects and University choices in quite a rambly post! I hope it somewhat entertained you or has given you something to get your teeth into whilst I've miss placed my camera and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly hair post!

(Also please keep your eye out on my YouTube channel here I'm soon to be uploading again soon!)

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Moroccan Love

Now, as I'm completely obsessed with trying new potions and lotions out, bargains ALWAYS catch my eye! I thought I'd start a small short series consisting of me putting 3 new products I've just purchased on a trial to see if any difference to my hair is made. Welcome, welcome, the Moroccan Argon Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Oil. This set of loveliness is said to make the hair more hydrated and shiny, whilst also fixing damaged hair, sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well Avon you're now really going to be put to the test, starting tomorrow I'm going to do a trial literally only using these products as what they are marketed for, to shampoo, condition and put oil through my hair, although I'm going to carry on with my current hair routine regarding heat etc as normal and see if they do the things on the label. 

Here is my long locks currently! So lets see if 1. I get a shine increase and 2. Damage is repaired. 

I'll update you again Thursday 30th August and also post another picture of my hair. Let me know what hair products you're using at the moment! Are they doing what they should on the tin? 

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Make-up Bag Must-haves

I feel that a everyday make-up bag says a lot about a girl. Different foundations, mascaras, eye shadows can differentiate between a girl being confident, a girl being shy or self concious or a girl wanting to be seen! Lets admit we've all had a wrong-side-of-the-bed day (some more than others!) I must be honest my everyday make-up bag can change day-by-day, hand-in-hand with my mood. When I'm in a good mood, my make-up and products seem to be so much more cheerful and bright, although when I'm in a bad mood I just like to get my make-up on and that be the end of it, not really taking as much notice as to what products I'm using. 

I thought I'd do an everyday make-up bag post because being an inquisitive female means I enjoy nosey-ing into what's other peoples bags so I thought you would too. Firstly before jumping right in, I just thought I'd give you a background on my skin type and what type of make-up makes me feel most confident, I have very oily/greasy skin which is difficult to get under control, also this results in me having quite a high percentage of icky acne and blackheads on my face therefore I wish to have a full coverage, matte foundation routine. 

Tedious long blog posts about the inns and outs of each and every product in make-up bags quite frankly bore me and I know it would bore you too. So I'm just going to select a fair few favourites and give them an honourable mention, they deserve it having to put up with my terrible skin and make-up mood swings and miss-happenings! 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation (Rose Vanilla C2)
Now this isn't something that has found itself into my make-up bag recently, I used this foundation (now re-packaged) before I even new what a foundation really was! Now I'm not going to tell you a bunch of fibs when I was younger I was never a pro at applying make-up and that never changed until I began to educate myself on what was a bargain and what I actually needed! (i.e. not buying foundations for dry skin) Needless to say my relationship with this foundation has been on and off for the past 3 years making it a true staple in my collection and giving it a well earned spot in my everyday bag.

Boujois "Chocolate" Bronzing Powder (52)
A bronzing powder that looks like a piece of chocolate? How cute! I love this product. This is another product I've used for a very long time and that has been a repurchase This scrumptious little treat not only looks delicious, but applies sufficiently too! Now I'm not going to lie (I have no reason to) this product isn't amazingly pigmented (look towards a bronzer such as the Sleek Contour Kit for that) but overall it has blessed me with some amazing, usually non existent cheek bones these past few months which is exactly what I hope for. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette (First) 
I feel that this is one of them products that is spoken about almost too often in the world of beauty vloggin' and bloggin' but it really is a true staple for anyone to use. Now specifically this palette does not actually 
 fit in my make-up bag but it is something I use everyday if it was too! I take this palette everywhere and I truly love it. I don't look like I've been punched in the eye (did when I was younger) and the shadows are so easy to apply flawlessly. This is also a favourite of my mums! That's saying something, she's a tough cookie to crack in terms of make-up. 

Benefit They're Real! Mascara (Black)
Penultimately is this little darling! The wand on this little baby is phenomenal, I honestly can say, hand on my heart this is the best mascara I've ever used and yes, it does make my lashes look false! In a good way! This is an amazing mascara and worth every penny I spent on it. It doesn't smudge making me look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards and it stays on all day! 5 STARS. Definite make-up bag must-have.

Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick (Bubblegum) 
Lippy time! Now this is a lovely bright orange colour for happy days. This is in my make-up bag as my more leant towards "bright option" for when I aren't thinking the full world is against me! This lipstick is really pigmented and really cheap. Most definite favourite for summer and definitely has connotations of happiness! This bright little number has definitely earned its stripe. 

So there you have it a few of my revolutionary favourites taking me from dreadful to somewhat approachable. I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your fave's in your make-up bag? Let me know!

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Miss Shopaholic, Miss Splurge, Miss... Dior ❤

Since I was younger I've always felt Dior products are something of a luxury. I feel like the connotations of the noun Dior just ooze class and sophistication, mainly down to my mum indulging in the brand. Now I'm eighteen I feel its only right I follow in her footsteps and begin to indulge in Dior products myself, which began on my holiday to Spain. 
Duty free to me is something of a dream, it sits there ready to attack any beauty junkie coming through security and really who wouldn't love high end products with a fraction of the price deducted? And this is exactly how my Dior journey began. I vowed to myself that on the way to Spain I would not purchase anything from the airport because I was going with friends and I know myself sometimes I'm some what of a scatter cash! That being said, I did get myself some little treats from WHSmith, some scrumptious food and some alcohol to kick start the journey!

On the way back was a totally different story! I almost ran to the duty free in Alicante airport and at one point I had 4 products worth a ridiculous amount of euros stacked in my arms! Reasonably,  I realised that I did not need all of the products I was wanting to purchase and a little bit o' nice would do just fine and this is where Dior strutted into the picture. 

Ladies, Gentlemen meet the Miss Dior Scent Collection! This box of joy contains four 5ml fragrances all tucked neat inside ready to be generously used to make the body smell a million dollars (or pounds)! 

Personal 'faves' include Miss Dior eau de parfum & Miss Dior blooming bouqet, and I must say both 'parfums' are blooming marvellous! 

So there you have it my first Dior product or products should I say! What products do you all find a luxury item or brand? Let me know!

Lots of love...
Al xoxo