What is she wearing?!

Hi guys!
A huge slap on the wrist for me is due for not posting for so long! I think I'd gotten to a point where I've had to in some way timetable my own life so I can fit everything in and still have time for me too... I have missed posting and writing so much so I thought id come back to you with a simple OOTN.  

Dress; Newlook, Shoes; Next, Bag; Primark, Make-up; Naked palette + MAC Love Lorn

I think this outfit will be taken one of two ways... You'll either love it or you really will think... What is she wearing?! Hopefully not the latter. This was a last minute thrown together thing and unfortunately I had to outfit repeat... If you know me, you'll know how much I hate doing this on nights out! 

And that's it for today; just keeping things short and sweet. 

Also I just thought I'd let you know I'm bringing a new monthly/two weekly series called "street style" in collaboration with my college magazine which is going to have a theme so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Thank you for reading. 

Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Why do you wear make-up?

(Sporting the red lips, bronzer & fluttery lashes! AND peering into a mirror) 

I'm coming to you with something a little different today and its the new tag making its rounds through YouTube created by Sprinkleofglitter & beauty crush. This tag is called "Why do you wear make-up?" and I think its something really nice and fun, cause its always good to nosey at why other people wear such things on there face! So I'm just going to do my own little spin on it and I hope you enjoy! 

♡ Why do you wear make-up? 
I think honestly one of the main reasons I wear make-up is basically because I enjoy putting it on, mainly my eyebrows and face make-up, also though make-up gives me confidence and makes my skin look a whole lot better actually than it is! I think most of the time make-up just comes along with the stereotype of being a girl; its fun and it makes us (most of us anyway) feel better!

♡ How do you feel without make-up?
Naked. Yup! I feel completely naked with out make-up on although in a different way. I mean I will nip to ASDA or my local shop without make-up on and yes feel like I look horrendous, but for the sheer embarrassment I would never go without clothes on, (and cos I don't want to get arrested for indecent exposure) but yes, make-up does feel like I'm painting a picture on my face and in some way it gives my face a little character and me more confidence and I do feel rather indecently exposed without it. 

♡ What do you like about make-up?
Make-up can give a girl something to hide under. I think that's what I like the most. I could be having the worst day ever although if I put my make-up on I can almost look happy and radiant with a slick of mascara and a dash of highlighter. I also love the creativity with make-up from bright lips to dark lips and smoky eyes to neutral eyes I just love creating different looks especially when I'm going on nights out or going to parties! I think I love make-up more than "like" it if I'm completely honest. 

♡  Three holy grail items ♡

BRONZER - To bless me with my non-existent cheek bones! 
RED/PURPLE LIPSTICK - To accentuate my pearly whites!
MASCARA - To frame my bright blue eyes!

Thank you for reading everyone! 
Lots of love...
Al xoxo


You Dainty Thing!

In all honesty, I love some of the jewellery and fashion trends that are currently on the high street and one of the main ones I'm completely smitten with, is the style of dainty pieces of jewellery; mainly necklaces and bracelets. So browsing good old Primark today I came across a little section of dainty necklaces and was  little gutted when I noticed they were only letters, (never been a fan of a huge A plastered across my decolette) after having a little route I stumbled on a tiny little cross waiting for me to take it home and for a mere £1.50, that's exactly what I did. Continuing my browse of the cramped little jewellery section I then came across another dainty little bow on a rope chain again for a minuscule 50 pence! Amazing!

I love where theslittle steals hang on my chest and they are such a bargain! Let me know what jewellery and fashion picks you're falling for. 
Thank you for reading!
Lots of love...
Al xoxo


Je n'aime pas

So today I'm coming to you with something a little out of the ordinary - a product I dislike - 'Clinique take the day off cleansing milk.' I had high hopes for this little lady due my excellent experiences with its sister, more of an oily substance which was the eye and lip make-up remover, but I'm always up for trying something new and wanted more of an all over make-up remover, rather then something specific.
Basically, I felt nothing more than utterly disappointed with the results I got from this product.

Firstly; I will admit myself, I do apply a lot of make-up everywhere including eyes, lips and face make-up and the first problem was that this product just could not budge it at all! I could scrub at my face make-up with a cotton pad and when I took a fresh one over again with a little more remover I still found traces of black and orange all over it. 
Secondly; the utter pain and stinging I got in my eyes when I tried to remove my mascara and eye liner (que gruesome pictures), it was literally unbearable and I had to use an extra cotton pad ready to catch all the tears that would flow from my eyes! 
Thirdly; kinda goes in conjunction with the first and how it wouldn't rid of my make-up, the amount of product I went through. I may have used this product around 5 times and you can see from the pictures (soon to be added), I have gotten through quite a lot of it, again just not acceptable. 

For almost £20.00 - it was just not good enough!

I always like to give products a fair chance before I decide I really dislike them, which is what I did with this one. So please if you like this product don't take my opinion literal and take it with a pinch of salt, this was my personal experience. Keeping that in mind if you have a certain technique to prevent eye-watering/using so much product then please let me know.
Since this awful experience I have moved on to something much more cheap and cheerful; a pack of baby wipes from the corner shop for £1.00 and they're actually better at removing my make-up and less painful! 
Thank you for reading guys! :-)

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Al xoxo


Gel-Cream Perfection

I might appear to be a little late on the bandwagon for these but non the less they're still an a-maz-ing product as far as I'm concerned. Nipping to do the food shopping today with the mother and bro (after being forced into attending the public swim and surrounded by too many under ten year olds) I thought I deserved a little treat! My eyeshadow base momentarily is quickly coming to an end which absolutely guts me because I know its discontinued (Avon color trend collection cream eyeshadow in peach cream) so I'm definitely on the hunt for a new one. Surprisngly that hunt has quickly come to a halt due to my discovery of this product, the Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr gel-cream eyeshadow (on and on bronze). Honestly the colour of this compared to my old-faithful base is completely different, I mean its not bright green or anything, evidently its bronze but compared to my peachy/pinky shimmery (look at something like Urban Decay's "sin" for reference although now I'm more going towards "smog") base before its a bit of a change! We all love change... Right?!

Again in comparison to my many beauty miss happenings even purchasing an eyeshadow base is a huge step in make-up for good old me. If you'd have asked me 2 years ago what a primer or a blending brush was, I would have looked at you like you were stupid! So definitely even getting a cream shadow/primer is a huaaaaaage step. 

In all honesty, I already adore this product. It really is like a tattoo and the swatch I put on my hand in the shop, had to be scrubbed off with my make-up remover when I got home, which for me will sit well for nights out. This product has actually taken place of all others regarding eye shadows at the moment, just popping this into my bag and with a slick of liquid eye liner, seems to do me just fine. 

What eye shadows or bases have you been using lately? Let me know!

Lots of love... 
Al xoxo