Fit Me & Match Perfection

I've been looking for a new foundation and powder for a while now, mainly due to the fact I'd started using my "fake tan foundation" on an everyday basis, not wanting to run out of my beloved Estee Lauder and just not feeling like my other foundations gave me enough coverage for my day-to-day look! I thought I'd have a whip to ASDA and see what they had in this morning and luckily enough I went just at the right time and found the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder, both for only £8.98! Bargain!

I thought I'd just do a quick first impressions on both products just incase any of you wanted to snap up this offer or give either of them a go; 
Rimmel Match Perfection (True Ivory 103) (£4.98) RRP 8.99 - I've had a quite a few foundations from Rimmel, usually finding them quite reasonably priced and good quality, meaning you can't really go wrong and this one follows right on from that. It applies really smoothly and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin although gives a lovely coverage, perfecting my uneven skin tone and blemishes. I do really like this foundation on a first application basis and I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't break me out! 

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder Compact (Nude Beige 125) (£4.00) - Again I do enjoy products from Maybelline including their BB cream so I also had high hopes for this powder relying it would do what it says on the tin. I usually expect a powder to keep my foundation in place and also give me some light coverage; exactly what this did. It lightly matte-fied my skin also, although still allowed some natural glow in some places making it look really natural and again not too heavy or cakey. 

Overall I'm quite pleased with these products I've got especially since they are so cheap and cheerful! I may do a foundation routine with either of them once I have got my use out of them or a full review. Let me know if you have either of them and the best ways to apply them. 

Lots of love


Dumb Blonde...?

I've been getting my hair bleached blonde for a long while now and I feel perseverance is key when wanting to achieve your perfect light shade. I felt I should blog about this because finally after what feels like forever and is actually around a year or so, I have reached my own perfect shade and I could not be happier with the results. I know some people believe getting your hair bleached can cause ructions and really damage your ends or frazzle them to pieces, fortunately from getting my hair bleached at a hair salon I have not endured that nasty issue and I have been able to grow my hair as well as get it to my dream do'! Its took me along while and I definitely have hated some stages but now I'm finally there, I could not be happier, it feels as if silly enough I have achieved something.

I've also been loving a new product that I've started using lately from S Factor by Tigi called 'shiny, happy, people spray shine.' This smells delicious and it really adds a shine to my hair which I usually find hard since it is blonde! It adds this lovely shine without adding grease or clogging up my roots and retails for £14.90! I've also tried the Shampoo and Conditioner which is really lovely too.

Thank you for reading this rather un-organised post, I'm just so excited that I finally have my hair how I want it too look! If you're wondering whats on my lips, I'm wearing M.A.C Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick.

Lots of love



Street Style #1

I'm currently on my own little journey of trying to get into Journalism and to provide myself with published work, I enrolled onto my colleges magazine enrichment called 'Vox.' With 'Vox' I have successfully launched Street Style; This little project first and for most sees me going round college staring at people not only begging them to let me have a picture of their fabulous outfits, but let me be a little nosey and also get them to answer a few questions on their fashion know hows educating me (and you maybe!) on different types of fashion and style and where we can get it. Instead of just having this in the college magazine I thought I would bring Street Style to my blog as they are both now absolutely cherished works of mine; so Blogging world welcome to the fashion of Hull, my college & friends! 

In the first edition I was a little unsure on camera angles etc so please bear with me if you feel it is not quite upto scratch yet, I also wanted to concentrate on autumnal colours so I hope you enjoy guys. Next time the introduction won't be as long but let me know what you think! <3


T-shirt - Primark,  Skirt - MissSelfridges, Shoes - George, Jacket - Joules
Earrings - Topshop, Bag - Newlook  

Huge thank you to my gorgeous friend, Helena!

Hope you all enjoyed this, different views on fashion and styles.


Magic Wand

Welcome to one of the most uneventful nights of my entire life! ... Honestly I don't think I've ever let myself get this bored, which led me to finally get some use out of my Babyliss curling wand. I've had this wand since December 2011 because I got it for Christmas last year and if I'm honest its hardly been out of its box, I'm always one for long straight hair because I just feel my hair is at that inbetween length where little tight curls do not do it any justice, but its not quite there for long loose curls! Nevertheless I thought I would give it a whirl and see what this wand could do to my blonde locks and voilĂ ! ... I am very impressed.

It gave my hair really nice structured, not too tight, not too loose curls which I absolutely adore (look at cheesey picture for reference), I cannot believe I've left it away so long and it only took me around 20 minutes to do my full head.
I'm definitely going to sport this look the next time I hit the town with my girls! Have you got any hair tools that you neglect? Or that you've found do wonders for your hair lately? Let me know.

Yet again thanks for  reading guys :-)


Shopping My Stash

I feel in a way I can go from saying something one day in a post to saying something that is the complete opposite in the other... Which is what I'm kind of doing in this one, contradicting myself I know but being that of an indecisive female I think I have the right and I'm sure most of you will have the same nature and I'm also hoping my change of mind regularly is welcome! 
Anyway now that little justification is out of the way, I've mainly contradicted myself over saying I was stuck in a rut with my make-up.. I really was and I really enjoyed that little routine I had got myself into, although I hated the thought of all my fabulous make-up I have collected going to waste which resulted in this little re-vamp and my shopping the hell out of my collection. 
I found some little gems that I'd been neglecting for way too long that I had previously spent my hard earned pennies on from my working days, so you know what, I've now began to use them up and get the pleasure out of them I once used to! Why not eh?
Again I've introduced my little numbering system (aren't I predictable) so here we go!

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette - First and foremost is this little darling which I really have neglected for too long now (only a month, shh) so I thought it would be time to bring it back out and hammer it again. I'll probably cry when it finally runs out.

2. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush -This is a really pretty shimmery pink colour, great for bringing life into your face and mainly for nights out, making this certainly another happy quick-pick.

3. M.A.C Satin Lipstick (Myth) - I have honestly got my used out of this so much before and although everyone else is sporting the dark reds (which I love!) I thought I'd introduce a little nude back into everyday make-up musings. 

4. Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original) - This is just a little miniature which I've never really used properly so I thought I'd give it a chance and give it a little go see if it makes any difference with my eye-shadow longevity or colour. 

5. Benefit 'That Gal' Brightening Face Primer - Again another little miniature, its sometimes nice to give the small ones a chance to see if I'll ever purchase the full size (Christmas is just around the corner).

I'm really happy with the little things I've chosen it really feels I might have been shopping or something because I haven't used these things in quite a while, using them this morning made me feel quite exctied, showing I'm a true make-up addict. I hope you enjoyed this and it encourages you to instead of go spend more money just see what you already have or give a product a second chance!

Lots of love


Black & White

Floaty Top; Matalan, Leggings; Topshop, Wedges; Newlook, Clutch; Matalan, Necklace; George.

Hi guys! 
I know you might be a tad disappointed with the quality of this photo, I completely forgot to take my camera with me to my friend Hannah's, but this is basically what I wore when I went out on the town Saturday 13th October in good old Hull. I feel like I kept the full appearance of myself quite casual throughout, definitely sporting my good old red lip and trusty wedges but they are the only things I feel brought the outfit from day to night. 
Also sorry for the lack of posting, I was enjoying getting my posts up more or less every single day but unfortunately I've been shot down by some silly bacterial/viral infection and I've only just got myself to sit up for the past two or three days, never mind looking at bright computer screens! But nevertheless I'm going to power through it and start cracking out some posts for you all, hopefully you won't get too sick of me in these next few days whilst I'm laid in my bed with nothing else to do. 

Thank you for reading... Let me know if you enjoy these "going out" outfits :-)
Lots of love, Alex <3 


Mexican Goodies

This post is rather random, although if you have a wander to my 'about' section, then you will see I said I would more or less post about everything and anything! The sheer reason of this post is 1. To express my gratefulness to my lovely elder brother for getting me these little keep sakes and 2. To tell you all how jealous I am of his 10 day break to Mexico, where he got to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world, quad bike through the jungle and go snorkling in the Caribbean sea! Oh yes, I bet you're jealous too! And that's without seeing his almost professional looking photography of it all. 

Anyway, now I've finally vented or rather bragged about my brothers heavenly holiday, it's about time I got onto the subject at hand... The little trinket, ornate like presents he brought me home. I think my brother knows me well and knows a simple bracelet and make-up bag would take a place over loads of perfume and make-up (debatable anyway)! I love these little presents and the sheer detail on both in which the camera and lighting haven't really done any justice, but all in all I am more than thankful of my little bits and I thought I'd share them as a little piece of girly-ness!

Thank you for reading this unorganised, rambley, some what pointless post but never the less its still a thank you! I really am enjoying this blogging lark and I'm also really excited on being able to launch 'street style' in this up and coming fortnight. 

Lots of love always,
Al x 


How Much Is My Face Worth?

I'm writing this prior to calculating my make-up bag anticipating that it's not going to be worth that although I'm also anticipating that I may get proven wrong so we shall see. I saw this post on essie-button.com when I was having a marathon/browse of her blog and adored the idea of it! I usually tend to just take make-up as it comes, not leaning towards going for higher end and lower end and just buying what I like or what has a good reputation for working well with my kind of skin type/colouring. I have completely got into a rut with my make-up now which essentially I do like, 'cos I know that if I'm in a hurry I don't have to root through my collection looking for things that might and might not work, its just all there waiting in my clear make-up bag. 

(Excuse some of the shoddy editing skills I was playing around with picmonkey.com)

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Moisturiser £18.50
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream £7.99
Rimmel 25HR Lasting Finish Foundation £6.99
Collection 2000 16HR Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
M.A.C Studio Scuplt Concealer £13.50
Collection 2000 Loose Powder £1.99
Natural Collection Bronzer  £1.99
No7 Natural Blush £8.00
Benefit Smokin' Eyes Make-over Kit £28.50
Maybelline 24HR Wear Color Tattoo £4.99
Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner £5.29
MUA Extreme Felt Tip Liner £1.00
L'Oreal Super Liner £5.29
Barry M Kohl Liner £2.99 
Benefit They're Real! Mascara £18.50
MUA Lipstick £1.00
M.A.C Lipstick £13.50

With a grand total of...

Wow! I was completely not thinking it would cos that much, that utterly makes me feel sick and think of how much money I have spent on make-up over the years! 
With that all done this now concludes this post, I hope it wasn't too shoddy, if you want me to write how I apply this make-up then let me know and inform me of any other requests for that matter. Thank you so much for reading :-)

Al x 


DIY: Cutting & Stuff!

So I was bored today looking through my wardrobe and I came across this denim shirt which I hardly ever wear due to the arms being a bit tight! All of a sudden I had a creative drive and I started getting the things together to cut it and this is what I came up with; a sleeveless shirt! I know its not much but for me its quite a step considering I usually steer away from any re-vamping and usually just bin it, if it doesn't fit. 

Basically all I needed was this - 
Some scissors, a pen and a huge comb for a straight edge! 

And then I just started chopping away until I came up with something I was happy :-) Styling it with a simple aztec dress/long tee and a dainty necklace! Also sporting my favourite top knot hair do'.  

Thank you for reading! 
Al x


Autumn Fashion Wishlist

There is nothing I love more regards to fashion than the Autumn colours; dark reds, navy's, beiges, browns! I just adore this current season for fashion as a whole especially the studs, spikes and aztecs, which results in me having a huge wishlist that I want to purchase and a very low cash flow - as usual. Instead of dwelling alone over the fact I'll probably not get half of this stuff in time for the season, I thought I'd compile a little wishlist post together for you all, that way we can all dwell on it together! 

Again like my last post I've numbered them accordingly so I can navigate you (and myself) easier, clearly this isn't my whole wishlist, if I got onto that we definitely would be here all day, but no, this is just a few cheap-y things that I'm hopefully going to be getting my hands on in the next month or so. 

1. Aztec Hooded Parka Coat (Newlook) - This is something I definitely am getting in the next week or so (courtesy of the mother) I really love this little number and I have had my eye on it for a few days so yes, it is going to be taking front stage in the show - "Alex's winter coat."

2. Collar Tip Shirt (Topshop) - Admittedly I've only just noticed this, I adore it though especially with some wet look leggings for a night in the next month-ish definitely making itself onto my wishlist, just hopefully I can make this one reality too!

3. Burgundy Peplum Top (Newlook) - Ah the rise of the peplum! This could not be more on trend as far as I can see and I'm hoping I can pull this one off for a mere £8.99. Again, Newlook comes up with a smashing item of clothing and as usual they will rob me blind the minute I get in there.  And again, being the "party animal" I am right now this will also look faaaaabulous for a night out with a high waisted skirt - love it. 

4. Sunscorched Ziphood (Superdry) - Weird name? I know! I'd just call it an aztec hoodie if I was superdry, ha. Anyway this is a little out of the ordinary for me, 'cos I'm not usually into the whole hoodies senario although I love purple, I love aztec and I love warmth making this one another hit on the list! Although the £60 price tag, for a bargain hunter like me, kinda puts me off. 

5. Studded White Loafer (Newlook) - Last but not least, these... Newlook you are definitely on point with me! I adore these as much everything else on this list (if not a tiny bit more)! These are adorable, studded and right up my street, the only thing that puts me off is the white, could they get a little too dirty? Nah! They're still worth it. Get 'ere! 

And again there you have it - another rambly post from good ol' me! I'm honestly adoring this blogging lark and I really enjoy compiling and preparing posts for the little amount of loyal followers I have. I'm definitely not going anywhere soon, thank you so much for reading!

Al x 


September Favourites

I thought I'd keep this September fave's short and sweet because if I'm honest I've not actually got any more than I'm posting about! These are just a few things I've repeatedly used throughout the month and probably will do throughout this month to come! So here goes...

1. L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Hair Conditioner/Treatment - This is a little bit of a "filler" you could say for this post because I sort of needed something else so it didn't look half hearted - because it certainly isn't! All in all this product is really nice and makes my hair very soft and shiny, although I feel in conjunction with other products it sometimes makes my hair a little greasy which obviously isn't ideal. I do really like this product and it is very "conditioning" so to speak, therefore squeezing itself into my favourites. 

2. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Moisturiser - I know I kinda bashed Clinique in one of my previous posts here and you might be thinking err... What the hell girl? But I also did say I did enjoy a lot of their products, such as this one. This moisturiser is brilliant for acne prone/oily skin and does combat some of my oil as it is more of a gel based moisturiser. I definitely have got my use out of this sample size and I definitely will purchase the full size when I have the $$$.

3. St.Moriz Fake Tanning Mousse - Oh St.Moriz my saviour for nights out! I honestly love this darling, I think if I had to choose one staple product for a night out on the town it would be this. I've gone through endless amounts of bottles but for the price I couldn't care less. It honestly is amazing when applied correctly, go get it girlfriend! 

4. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25Hr Foundation -I will admit before anyone this foundation is a little to dark for me! But this is what impresses me, it is so blendable and easy to work with I just can't let it go. I use this foundation almost everyday and mix it in with a little moisturiser and for nights out I'll just put it straight on as it matches my tanned skin perfectly. This foundation is very flawless, easy to blend and cheap - Perfecto...

5. Kerastase Shampoo - One of the main things I love about this foundation is it lasts forever because you only need a tiny bit! I've had this shampoo for around 3 months now and yes, I admit I am just getting to the bottom of it but 3 months! How amazing is that? The only thing I dislike about this product is the availability and the price tag, apart from that with shiny locks and (what feels like) tonnes of product, this has gotta be another long lasting fave. 

And... there we have it, short and snappy September Favourites! Thanks for reading guys...
Al x