As an unwritten rule I've noticed I don't tend to write many blog posts with regards to hair care and products; this is mainly because up until the weekend just gone (when my hair needed some serious TLC) I haven't really ever had any problems or issues with how my hair is, lucky me I guess? As I said up until this weekend that was, yet again being the eighteen-year-old student I am I gracefully hit the town, curling my hair with my GHD's prior and feeling a million dollars with my new do'. That was until the next day or so. I woke up and I have never felt my hair feel so awful and stringy, which made me very panic stricken (I love my hair!) and I immediately began searching my bathroom for something to saviour it, where this Avon product came in to the mix. 

I've used quite a few Avon hair care items always finding them to be quite nice and not really offending anyone, although not doing anything amazing either, just... Nice. This, however, is a completely different story, it made my hair feel like silk even when it was wet, I really have never used anything like it. I just followed the directions on the back; slapping a generous amount of it on with my hands all over my head, leaving it for three minutes then proceeding to wash off and viola! It did ultimate wonders, I am definitely going to be repurchasing this I can promise you already! Wonderful. 
Have you found any break-through products lately for hair, skin or make-up? Let me know!



Colours & Curls

Dress; Newlook, Kimono; Matalan, Bag; Primark, Wedges; Newlook

Again I hit the good old (rubbish really!) night life in Hull and now it seems I cannot go a night out without getting an outfit post together! I kept it quite simple and went all out with the hair and make-up, wearing a daring red lip. 

Again just a quick one! Hope you enjoyed this outfit, let me know what you think?


Crosses, Skulls & A Lil' Bit Of Leopard Print

I always like to have a browse of select for the pure reason that some of the things you can get in there are barginous! As always today proved that statement correct and I picked up some little treats for no more than a mere £10. First starting with the little jewellery pieces which could not be more on trend; gold ear cuff with chains - £1.99, multi skull drops - £1.99 & 3 pcs ear cuff - £1.99 - Delightful!
Initially, I went in for just some simple flats, nothing too pricey for around the £10.00 mark and luckily enough got these lovely little leopard print ballet flats for no more than £4.00, which proves to be pocket change. Although now I've got them home I was blessed with this... 

What a bloody nightmare! So now I'm going to have to exchange one of the shoes for the other size 6 which is an inconvenience I could really do with out. Nevertheless I still got some lovely bargains and I shall definitely be sporting one of my new ear cuffs tomorrow when I hit the town!
Have you picked up any bargains lately? Let me know :-) 



Remember, Remember

Bonfire night has always been a little hit & miss for me; when I was younger I remember my parents always having a small family and close friends get together, fireworks, sparklers, jacket potatoes galore and peering at the huge bonfire and writing my name with fire in the air with my hat, scarf and gloves on in my own back garden was wonderful, but the family get together's ended and it was time for me to have to find my own musings on bonfire night which meant standing for hours in the freezing cold to see a ten minute display and have a crusty burger, I just wasn't feeling it! ... So, usually, since then I've always stayed away from going outdoors and having plans and just looked out of my bedroom window at the bursts of colour, until this year.

After trudging through the muddy fields in the freezing cold with my family, we finally found where we were meant to be heading and yet again I was blessed with the same old ten minute display and crusty burger, although I have to admit the display was fantastic and I saw one of the biggest bonfires ever, so I decided to take some cheeky snaps and I thought I'd share them with you all! I especially love how the picture of the bonfire turned out, it looks amazing and the peoples heads just in front, I feel give a really warm and professional effect. 

Finally after hours we got home and not all was too bad as I was cooked a lovely dessert to finish the night; cherry lattice and pouring cream... Yum, yum! 

Anyway that is it for my little lifestyle post today, I hope you enjoyed it and like the pictures! Let me know what you did for tonight? ... 



Get The Look: Cheryl Cole & Glamour Magazine

(Excuse the slight pout on the last picture) 

This months Glamour Magazine is quite a treat; including a lovely shot of Cheryl Cole on the front and 3 little freebies (Nails inc. polish 'st.james' Rimmel BB cream 'light' and Nivea express hydration primer), you can't go far wrong with handing over a mere £2 so I thought I'd give it a little shout out and recreate Cheryl's neutral, happy, look. 

As always Cheryl's skin and make-up is absolutely flawless so I began with 'Cinique's dramatically different moisturising gel' as a base and to combat some oil. 
I then applied my chosen foundation of the moment; 'Rimmels Match Perfection' with a flat foundation brush and blended it right up to the hair to prevent any harsh lines.
Next was a dash of concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes, for this I chose 'Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection' concealer and I then powdered my skin using the new 'Maybelline Fit Me' Powder. 
I filled in my brows using a dark shadow and an angled brush, trying to keep them as straight as possible (just like Cheryl's) although unfortunately I do have a natural arch. 
Next was the smudged outer corner bottom lash line and water line which for that I used 'BarryM Kohl Liner 'and smudged with an angled brush, a slick of winged liner and a smudge of brown just underneath, brought me onto mascara again using a good old high street product; 'Bourjois Volume Glamour.' 
It didn't seem like Cheryl had much to write home about on her cheeks so I just added my everyday bronzer through the contours using an old favourite; the chocolate bronzer from Bourjois again. 
Lastly I used 'Soap & Glory's Marvelips!' as a muted red to mimic Cheryl's almost "no make-up, make-up" look and then I was good to go.
For my hair I just did an everyday topknot (like Cheryl's) which I will soon post about! 

It honestly didn't take that long although it looks like an essay of work, I really enjoyed recreating the full look and did feel quite Glamour-ous in the end. Get it? ;) 

Let me know if there are any other magazine or celebrity looks you would like me to recreate and also if you enjoyed this one let me know that too. As always thank you so much for reading, seeing my little view counter go up honestly makes my day. 


Studs & Florals

Shirt; Select, Shorts; Internationale, Studded Bag; Primark

This is just another quick post to show you what I wore out on Halloween  not very festive, I know! I'm not really into dressing up, but I could not have felt more out of place in the two bars I went to considering everyone else was! I borrowed the shirt and shorts off my friend Megan, because I seriously couldn't find anything in my own wardrobe and the bag I got a few weeks back! 

Keeping this one short and sweet; Thank you for reading!
Let me know what you think to this outfit?